Fail Forward - Eposode 06 Fail Forward | Federico Russo and Luca Ferrari from Bending Spoons: the mistakes, the successes and the sleepless nights programming of the Immuni app

What do Matrix and the Italian company that created the COVID-19 tracing app Immuni have in common? Luca Ferrari, CEO of Bending Spoons, reveals it in the first episode of the second column of ITS: Fail Forward.

The company was founded in 2013 in Copenhagen. The founders, 5 guys, 4 Italians and one Polish, with a failed startup behind them, have no intention of giving up, but on the contrary they decided to treasure all the mistakes they’ve made in the first entrepreneurial adventure to return to Italy and become among the top 10 app developers in the world. A dream that soon becomes reality.

The apps developed by the team in the health/wellness and video editing sectors are among the most downloaded in the world, and it’s thanks to a passion that has never faded over time, but on the contrary, it has been fueled by the desire to grow and create products to be proud of; such as the Immuni app, the result of months of hard work, non-stop.

Bending Spoons is not a simple company, but it is a unique and stimulating work environment where to work: continuous confrontation, teamwork, fellowship, passion, love for work and dream company retreats. A company where believing you can bend spoons with your mind, becomes almost possible.


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