Fail Forward - Eposode 09 Fail Forward | Federico Russo and Norma Rossetti from My Secret Case: from Kuala Lumpur to Italy, the story of the startup that bets on sex toys

“We want a world where women are not sexual objects, but can have them all”. This is the motto and vision that guides My Secret Case every day.
As often happens, the idea was born almost for fun. This time the flash of genius happens in Malaysia, to respond to a need – perhaps little expressed – of many people: living sexuality freely, having fun and breaking a taboo that still seems to have not completely disappeared.

Starting from scratch, the startup of Norma Rossetti has turned into the n.1 online sex shop in Italy, and is not limited only to the sale of sex toys. Today, in fact, it has become a real reference point, and hub on sexuality. The goal was clear from day one: to create a space where the woman was no longer an erotic object but a creator of the sexual experience itself. And so it has been, but My Secret Case is open to everyone, couples, singles, and anyone who has a desire to satisfy.

Sexuality is a cultural issue. Yet Italy, the country of love, good food and beauty, was rather behind on the subject in 2014, when Norma started working on this revolutionary idea. With perseverance and determination, the My Secret Case team was able to fight every taboo. Our local investors soon had to rethink seeing the results achieved with small seeds harvested abroad. Traditional media have for the first time agreed to advertise their products. And on social media a large community of active users was born, who speaks and shares experiences on these issues.

The incredible success of this startup is no coincidence. In fact, just as Norma tells us in this fourth interview of the Fail Forward section, when you do something you believe in, nothing can stop you. In spite of everything.

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