Fail Forward - Eposode 07 Fail Forward | Federico Russo and Silvia Wang from the successful startup born from a promise of marriage

How can a successful startup be born from a promise of marriage? Silvia Wang, Co-Founder and President of ProntoPro will tell us how, in the second episode of Fail Forward.

The company was founded in 2015. Two young Italian minds are living abroad and are at the peak of their career, but the desire to return to Italy big, too big. So they drop everything and come back. They come back with the idea of founding a startup, at a time when in Italy we are not talking about startups, startups are not fashionable.

Like any successful idea, their company is born from personal experience. The protagonists of this story in fact tried to plan their wedding from Indonesia and they realized that finding services remotely was an almost impossible challenge. So, on this simple intuition, they built ProntoPro: a portal where demand and supply of professional services meet.

Today, ProntoPro is the number one service portal in Italy. Last year, the value of transactions reached 100 million euros. But they didn’t stop there. The startup also started a path of internationalisation that took them to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and France.

What is the secret of such success? In an intimate and profound chat with an extraordinary entrepreneur, we discover that the real engine of this incredible climb is the awareness of being able to give every day a concrete help to the world of professionals.

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