Fail Forward - Eposode 08 Fail Forward | Federico Russo and Alberto Dalmasso from Satispay: a startup lesson from the creator of the payment app that aims to conquer Europe

You enter a bar, order a coffee, go to the counter, and you realize you don’t have cash to pay. How does a simple episode like this turn into one of the most promising fintech startups in Europe? Alberto Dalmasso CEO and Founder of Satispay will tell us.

The company was founded in 2013 by two young people with a few years of work experience, some savings in the bank and a great desire to grow. The market, however, is not as fast as their ambitions. The idea of investing more years as employees waiting for a promotion is a risk that they are not willing to take. The reasoning they are doing is very simple: after all, trying to take an entrepreneurial path now will be worth more than a MBA.

So they give up everything, invest all their savings and work for two years without salary for a simple idea: to simplify payments by quickly developing a mobile payment function. When the time comes to test it, they decide to do it with a rather ambitious bet: they organized a big university party where you could only pay with their app.

The bet is soon won and today that app has conquered almost 1.5 million users. Over time, Satispay has developed many other features from saving money to sending money to friends. Point of arrival? No, starting point! Today Satispay aims to become the most used financial tool in Europe.

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