Fail Forward - Eposode 10 Fail Forward | Federico Russo and Davide Dattoli from Talent Garden: how to move from being a bad student to a millionaire company

How does one become one of the most influential under-30s for technology and innovation? Davide Dattoli, CEO and founder of Talent Garden will explain it to us in the last episode of the Fail Forward section.

This time we start from 2008. We are in Brescia, Italy. There is a high school student bored by Latin who spends his time chasing new ideas. He starts from his parents’ restaurant. He starts to tell what happens inside on a new platform: a social network called Facebook. Then, when the I-pads arrive, he realizes that the paper menus have had their time and so he transforms the whole restaurant’s offer into digital. The restaurant is cited on Le Figarò. Shortly after, he decides it’s time to start his own business and founded Viral Farm: a digital communication agency. The co-founders, however, are not the right ones and soon he abandons this idea.

At this point it is 2011. Davide finds himself reflecting on people, on how many talents there are without a space to grow, on how many young people like him, in Italy, are forced to run away to train, connect and work. He intuits that this is the real challenge to invest in. So he decides that he will try to fill that void and provide young people with an ecosystem in which to grow and for which it is worth staying. Thus here it is, Talent Garden: a large network of campuses where digital innovators meet and give birth to new ideas.

Even in this journey there were no shortage of no’s and difficulties. Explaining what a coworking space was, ten years ago, was certainly not an easy task. Among the most amusing answers is “We certainly can’t support a community center”. Yet today Talent Garden is a startup that has raised more than 56 million euros and has 21 campuses in 7 European countries and it seems to not want to stop.

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