Tech & Society - Eposode 01 Tech & Society | Linus & Simone Resta: the tech secrets of F1

Simone Resta “drives” us to discover the major technological evolutions that have revolutionized the world of cars, not only on the track but also on our roads, and if it is true that technology is as fast as the drivers whose names we know by heart, it is equally true that it has now become indispensable even on circuits that make our hearts beat faster.

Simone talked about the Halo system, mandatory since 2018, and how it protects and wraps the pilots while they almost seem to fly through the corners of the circuits. And then there are the new generation simulators, which recreate all the situations that pilots can experience in racing and that allow them to memorize a circuit still little known.

Simone Resta tells at Italian TechSpeak’s microphones which are his favorite Ferraris and explains how engineering optimization has allowed the racing teams to be closer to each other. Get transported by his passion, which he’s had since childhood, towards this world of engines and red cars that keeps us glued to the screen.

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