Tech & Society Tech & Society | Linus and Giorgio Ricci: football is a (video)game

The fifth episode of the Tech & Society column features Giorgio Ricci, Chief Revenue Officer of Juventus. In his talk with Linus, he spoke about how the football industry has changed a lot, especially in the entertainment sector, and how new technologies have changed the world of Juventus.

Fans and teams are getting closer and more and more connected, thanks to socials: from Ronaldo’s announcement and the exponential increase of followers on social media on the same day to the digital advantage that has allowed to bring different football cultures closer together, united by the same passion.

And then, again, the thirst for victory and the importance of being fascinated by ideas to achieve goals beyond the game’s rectangle, such as the partnership between KONAMI and Juventus for PES 2020. A behind-the-scenes story of a black and white world that contains a thousand shades of technology.

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