Tech & Society - Eposode 04 Tech & Society | Linus and Max Pezzali: north south west tech

We all know Max Pezzali as the voice that has been our soundtrack in the most memorable scenes of our lives, from the early 90s to today. Few, instead, know Max Pezzali as a technology enthusiast and “true nerd since early adolescence” who defines the last years “the Age of Enlightenment”.

At the microphones of Italian Tech Speak, the king of pop revealed his true geek side. To begin with, he talked about how technology has changed his work in recent decades: from all the tech that is put in the field in live performances, to the “democratization of music production” with home studios, through the revolution implemented by Tik Tok, up to the new production rules dictated by the logic of visualizations.

But there are also stories of how his passions have evolved thanks to technology: from the world of cars and motorcycles, to airplanes, with a long parenthesis on gaming. From the analogical games of the famous “Jolly Blue” to the easter egg on the spider man inserted by Marvel in a videogame.

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