Tech & Society Tech & Society | Linus and Davide Casaleggio: politics in the digital era

In a world where we are perpetually connected, the transfer of political life into digital seems a natural evolution. An evolution that in part seems to have already begun. Despite this, there are still important questions that remain unanswered. If this scenario would come true, in a world where information has become a commodity, what role would social networks play? Who would guarantee the regularity of digital voting? What would be left of traditional mass media?

We tried to answer these questions with Davide Casaleggio, who partly anticipated this evolution and, already in 2016, had launched a first e-voting tool: the Rousseau platform.

We have retraced together the main steps of this path towards “net democracy”: from the first major mobilisation born through the web in 2007 to the latest proposals to make the platform more secure thanks to the implementation of a blockchain protocol

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