White Mirror White Mirror | Stefano Massini and Gianmaria Visconti from Amazon: Alexa's secrets

A White Christmas. A modern home. Inside, a voice assistant who is the digital copy, a perfect replica, of the homeowner. His job is to organize the life inside the house to perfection, anticipating every wish. It is a virtual slave. This episode starts from the “White Christmas”, an episode of the famous series Black Mirror.

But how far is this scenario from reality? Will we be ready to do anything, one day, to live in a world that anticipates our desires? We asked to the Country Manager of one of the tech giants that, among the firsts, brought this technology to Italy: Gianmaria Visconti of Amazon Alexa.

A story that, in a certain sense, has gone around the world. In fact, it was born far away, precisely in Alexandria, Egypt. The name of Amazon’s smart speaker, Alexa, is inspired by the legendary library that in ancient times was said to contain all the world’s knowledge.

The first development took place in the United States, but soon Alexa also reached Italy and, after a few years of integration, is now able to understand all the dialects that our peninsula contains. This is the story of a technology that seems to have no intention of stopping its expansion.

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