White Mirror White Mirror | Stefano Massini and Roberto Del Ponte from Reply: when we will live in a virtual world

Is there a risk that virtual reality could replace (real) reality? Roberto Del Ponte, Senior Manager of Infinity Reply, the company specialized in 3D visualization and development of customized XR solutions, discussed this question at the Italian Tech Speak’s microphones.

We live in a world where virtual, mixed and augmented reality are increasingly starting to make room for themselves and where the digital is merging with the real. And this is not necessarily a bad thing, far from it.

These tools, born from the copy of reality, do not encourage isolation but rather sharing, and will be increasingly accessible to all. One of the many fields in which virtual reality improves the lives of those who use it is design. Today we can experience an environment on a 1:1 scale and visualize it as faithfully as possible, even before making a mock-up, and this digital data can obviously be shared anywhere in the world.

Think about the benefits of virtual reality in the medical field and the possibility of seeing the launch of Apollo 11 with our own eyes. Not bad, right?

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