White Mirror White Mirror | Stefano Massini and Fabio Moioli from Microsoft: how to educate artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence intrigues us and gives us hope for a better future, but we are afraid of the backlash it might bring. To what extent does it make sense to fear it will replace us?

We talked about it with Fabio Moioli, Director of Consulting Services Division at Microsoft Italy. Artificial intelligence is not fair because it incorporates in its learning a whole series of biases, influenced by human prejudices, which can even be amplified when embedded in processes that are strictly logical (but based on wrong assumptions) rather than ethical. From a practical point of view, it is a technology that is absolutely effective in replicating some human choices and behaviors: there are artificial realities that can write poems and songs, create a new whiskey, conduct several television programs simultaneously, and even answer the phone and hold entire conversations.

Fascinated by the democratization of technology, Fabio explains how, although artificial intelligence is capable of doing great things, it is still us, humans, who have to make the final decisions. The algorithm suggests something, but when it comes to decisions that impact people’s lives, humans must have the last say.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, with the hope of using artificial intelligence, intelligently. Humanized, this time.

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