White Mirror - Eposode 12 White Mirror | Stefano Massini and Gaia Salvadore from Comau: why we should not fear robots

The episode starts with a clip from “Metal Head“, an episode of the Black Mirror series that brings us for an interminable moment inside a post-apocalyptic world.

Mankind is almost extinct. A few survivors are trying to escape the murderous rampage of robot dogs. Two men and a woman come out of the woodwork searching for an object needed by a sick child, but the tormented runaway leaves no escape for the three humans. Worse than a future dominated by machines there is, perhaps, only a future in which machines have the sole purpose of eliminating humans. Is this really what is awaiting us?

Stefano Massini discusses this with Gaia Salvadore, Product Manager at Comau: the Turin-based company dedicated to Industrial Automation and Robotics. Gaia, after a period in New York decided to return to Italy, has quite clear ideas on the subject. In fact, she recalls that “all the products and technologies developed in Comau are made to serve mankind“. This has been the case since the days of the plough, and it makes little difference if today we talk about exoskeletons.

In short, the dystopian scenarios of Black Mirror are fortunately very far from reality and at the moment remain only a great strand of science fiction.

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