DisruptON Podcast DisruptON | Mia Ceran and Alessandro Tommasi from Will Media: how social media revolutionized information

The word ‘journalism‘ originated in the first half of the 19th century as a derivation of the French word ‘journal’. What could be more disruptive than taking the news out of newspapers, 200 years later, and delivering content exclusively in a digital form? In newsrooms all over the world, more than one person would have jumped out of their chair if they had known that someone was going to do it thanks to social networks, reaching these numbers in just 12 months: 5 million users, 700,000 community members, 15 million accounts reached every month, 11 million total video views.

A University degree in International Relations in Milan, an experience in the European Parliament and in Confindustria, and then the experience in the world of startups with Airbnb and Lime. For the DisruptON section, Alessandro Tommasi, CEO and cofounder of the media startup Will, describes to Mia Ceran how it has been possible to overturn, in just one year, the canons of information and what are the next walls to be knocked down.

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