DisruptON Podcast DisruptON | Mia Ceran and Federico Marchetti from Yoox Net-a-Porter: the free and democratic fashion created in a garage

How do you disrupt a traditional market like the luxury sector by bringing it into the digital age? Our next guest has succeeded and now, in addition to his own multi-brand platform, his company manages the e-commerce of the world’s most prestigious fashion brands, generating almost 2 billion in sales every year.

Born in Ravenna, he grew up dreaming of travelling the world and becoming an inventor.His dreams came true: after training in Milan and New York, he returned to Europe and created an online platform that has revolutionized the luxury market in Italy and worldwide.  For the DisruptON column, Federico Marchetti, CEO of YOOX NET-A-PORTER, tells Mia Ceran how he succeeded in recreating the fashion, design and luxury market online, managing to convince the most demanding customers to spend tens of thousands of euros for the products on his platform.

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