30 September 2020

Here comes Italian TechSpeak, the new podcast and video series that presents the Italian tech universe and its protagonists

Max Pezzali explains how much innovation there is inside a music tour; Davide Casaleggio talks about politics in the networks era; the Scuderia Ferrari team unveils the secrets of the technology behind a F1; Davide Oldani explains the design of a starry dinner…

While waiting for the next edition of Italian Tech Week – the tech conference that in June 2021 will be back in Turin to host technology and innovation fans – the 1st of October Italian TechSpeak is out, a new free digital format that will tell how technology has changed our lives and our work.

On the websites and, every week will be published a “tech conversation” between a figure from the world of infotainment – including Linus, Federico Russo, Stefano Massini and Mia Ceran – and a protagonist of innovation in Italy. Each interview will be available both video and audio podcast formats. Four sections: Tech & Society, Fail Forward, White Mirror, Disrupt_ON.

In Tech & Society section, Linus – deejay, radio host, then artistic director and now editorial manager – will tell how technology has shaped our daily life: it is in the food we eat, it is in the music we listen to, it has revolutionized the sport we love and has changed the political life of our country. Here are the guests of Tech & Society:

– Simone Resta, head of the Chassis Engineering area of Scuderia Ferrari (Motors)
– Davide Casaleggio (Politics)
– Davide Oldani, starry chef (Food)
– Max Pezzali (Singer-songwriter)
– Giorgio Ricci, Chief Revenue Officer of Juventus football club (Sport)

Following, the Fail Forward section will tell to #ITSpeak listeners how technology has changed and is changing the lives of young Italian entrepreneurs: through successful examples, from Bending Spoons (the creators of the Immuni app) to MySecretCase (Italian sex toys e-commerce), we will listen to the stories of startuppers and learn from their mistakes: after all. there is no entrepreneurial success without false steps.

The episodes of the third section, White Mirror, will be inspired by some of the episodes of the famous Neftlfix series Black Mirror and from here we’ll start exploring not only the pitfalls hidden in technological innovation – as seen in the popular English TV format – but also the opportunities that it offers to people and society.

The fourth and last section of #ITSpeak, Disrupt_ON, will be dedicated to those entrepreneurs who have revolutionized entire sectors or traditional business models with their ideas and strategy.

It won’t be just entertainment: for each episode of ITS, a dedicated editorial team will collect targeted information and in-depth analysis of the main technological issues that emerged during the episodes.

Italian TechSpeak is a non-profit project conceived by, realized by Italian Tech Week, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, distributed in collaboration with GEDI and produced by Gedi Digital.

The episodes, all free, can be listened to on different podcast platforms (Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast) as well as on the websites of editorial partners such as, and others.

Check the program of the initiative on (hashtag: #ITSpeak).


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